OK, so here’s a new blog.

OK, so here’s a new blog.

2018, Feb 12    

It’s been a while since I maintained a blog that wasn’t primarily centered on specific, work-related technical issues. So I’m starting this thing here.

You can still find my prior work blog on the hastexo web site, the even older (and by now woefully outdated) one at wordpress.com, and in the future there will likely be some blog posts on the City Cloud blog.

To be abundantly clear, none of what I write here is in any way endorsed by any company I am affiliated with. I don’t yet know whether this is going to go into any particular topical direction, hence the “fairly random ramblings” tagline. Chances are some of it is going to be about work, other bits not so much. We’ll see.

For those of you interested in technical details, this blog uses GitHub Pages built with Jekyll. An Atom feed is here. The Jekyll theme is Flexible-Jekyll by Artem Sheludko. Fonts are Lato for headings and Cantarell for body text.

My mug shot is courtesy of Trav Williams from Broken Banjo Photography, and other images are my own unless credited otherwise. If you like the image in this post, you can find it on Flickr and use it under CC-BY-NC-SA terms.